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We keep your notes close to its source so you don't have to remember where they are later

Build Decks

Keep all your notes together in a deck. Add notecards, videocards, and flashcards to your decks


Take quick or detailed notes using common markdown shortcuts


Make your own YouTube playlists and organize them into decks


Create flashcards with text and images and add them to your notes or videos

Take notes while watching videos

Keep your notes close to the source by associating them with your videos and never lose context again.

Add video timestamps to your notes

Insert video timestamps to quickly reference when and where you made your note. It's a great way to remember what you watched.

Create flashcards

Flashcards makes remembering things easy. You can attach them to your videos or your notes within the same deck

Capture your ideas with Idea Boards

Use Idea boards to organize your thoughts and create visual bookmarks. It's a good place to capture inspiration

Create notes and attach flashcards to them

Attaching flashcards to your notes makes it easy to study the material within them.

Build your own video playlists

Add YouTube and Vimeo videos and create your own tutorials to watch now or on the go

Access your decks on the go

Our app is mobile friendly, allowing you to access your content wherever you are. Study your flashcards, read your notes, or watch some tutorials during your commutes

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