A study app with all your stuff

in one place

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Learn more, faster

Decks app was designed to keep all your notes, thoughts, and references in one place. By keeping your things together, you'll only need to use one app to find what you need

Build Decks

Build decks to collect and organize your thoughts and material


Decks is great for taking quick or detailed notes


Upload your own videos, or organize YouTube and Vimeo videos into decks and create your own playlists


Create flashcards with text and images, add them to your notes and videos and engage with your content

Access your decks on the go

Our app is mobile friendly allowing you to access your content wherever you are. Study your flashcards, read your notes, or watch some tutorials during your commutes

Take notes while watching videos

It's a great way to remember the important things of what you watch. You can use the notes to learn now and reference back to later

Capture your ideas with Idea Boards

Idea boards are a great way to oraganize your thoughts, and to create visual bookmarks and snippets to remember things

Create your own playlists

Build custom playlists by uploading your own videos or by adding Youtube and Vimeo links

Want to see some sample decks?

Python Tutorial
Popular dog breeds
Technical Trading

Decks Store coming soon...

The store is not quite ready yet but we are accepting submissions.

In addition to using decks as a study application, if you want to teach other users of this app, you can build out decks and submit them to the store